Air Fiber wireless broadband

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband has great speed. We’re sure your Wireless Ethernet network will outperform your current ADSL connection when measured in the real world – by real user experience. Not only can the air fiber link Wireless Ethernet connection be configured up to 50 Mbits/s, but the upload speed equals the download speed. This makes Air Fiber Link perfect for any application that requires large file transfers, streaming media, or large numbers of simultaneous users. Fixed Wireless Ethernet connections are rarely blocked too – and that effectively impacts speed of service.

  • Secure – Encrypted data.
  • Encryption is employed on every wireless link.
  • MAC Address Authentication
  • 100 time faster then Dial up Connection.
  • Time dependent bandwidth
  • Its work on radio frequencies so there is no connectivity loss due to fiber or cable damage.

Residential wireless broadband services typically provide equipment to customers and install a small antenna or dish somewhere on the roof. This equipment is usually deployed as a service and maintained by the company providing that service. Fixed wireless services have become particularly popular in remote areas where Cable, DSL or other typical home Internet services are not available. Many companies in the India and worldwide have started using wireless alternatives to incumbent and to fulfill the requirement of business organisations. this technology is convenient for businesses because it is also available on remote areas where Ethernet is not available. also internet connection is always on and there is no chances for loss of connectivity likewise through fiber or cable.


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